Since 2011, we have connected numerous companies to their business opportunities. We have been at the forefront of many great opportunities in Dallas.



Gephyro Consulting is committed to providing you with the best management and consultation by utilizing our broad range of professional experience and information, specialized knowledge, procedures and network. We approach every project with a focus on aesthetics, functionality, cost and schedule with every possible solutions.

Established in 2011, Gephyro Consulting has been providing unique and innovative state of the management and consulting. Each project is handled by utilizing long-term data, unique perspective and integrity.

Gephyro Consulting has established itself as a leader in the industry. Ingenuity and an eye for solutions make us the obvious choice for all your requirements.





 Satoru Andy Ando (CEO & Founder)

Satoru Andy Ando (CEO & Founder)

Satoru Andy Ando (CEO & Founder)

Satoru "Andy" Ando is founder and CEO of Gephyro Consulting. His 25+ years of business experience includes working with organizations of various size to improve their operational efficiencies through IT technologies.

Andy is fluent in Japanese and English and is a specialist to liaise and engage at executive & CxO levels to strategize and move initiatives forward for Japanese and US companies.

In his career to date Andy has hands-on in depth experience across a wide variety of industries including working with world leaders in the fields of global trading, manufacturing, education, food distribution, real estate and aerospace.

Prior to setting up Gephryo Consulting, Andy was based in Japan, New York & Dallas. He served as CEO of a Japanese multi-national IT organization. In this role he successfully improved business unit profitability, expanded business in new areas including business process transformation, IT outsourcing, systems management & SAP ERP implementations. In these roles it was critical to nurture business relationships with key clients and act as strategic advisor to clients' corporate directions & business process improvement.


Andy Andoは、Gephyro Consultingの創設者兼CEOです。彼の25年以上のビジネス経験には、ITテクノロジーを通じて業務効率を向上させるため様々な規模の組織と関連協力してまいりました。



Gephryo Consultingを設立する前は、日本、ニューヨーク、ダラスに拠点を置いていました。彼は日本の多国籍IT組織のCEOを務めました。この役割で、ビジネスユニットの収益性を改善し、ビジネスプロセスの変革、ITアウトソーシング、システム管理、SAP ERP実装などの新しい分野でビジネスを拡大しました。これらの役割において、重要な顧客とのビジネス関係を醸成することは重要であり、顧客の企業の指示とビジネスプロセスの改善に対する戦略的アドバイザーとしての役割を果たしました。